C# newb/idiot here – whats wrong with my code?

Mods, if this isnt the right place for this, please move or delete my post.

As the title states, im having a difficult time getting (what I feel should be) a very simple task done in c# but im running into error after error.

A little background. Im trying to set up a macro using JitBit macro recorder to perform an automated task. One of the built in functions is to include a C# command. What I need c# to do is read todays date, add 10 days to it, and output the short date code to the system clipboard. Easy-Peazy right? <bangs-head>

Here is where I am at the moment.


…but whenever it runs, i get "Exception has been thrown by the target of an invocation"

As I stated up front, my experience with C# can be measured in hours. Is this error a problem with my code or some other issue?

Thanks for your help!

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