Building C# Training App at work just to be awesome

Hey /r/csharp. I work in IT for a small town ISP. In my spare time here I've been putting together a training application, eventually I'd like to tie in a lot of our tech support documents with the MS Office framework extension. I'm not all that well versed in Visual Studio/C#, however, and I was wondering if there was a better way to be doing this.

At the moment, I'm building this as a Windows Form Application, as that's all I've worked with in the little bit of schooling I had. It seems to be getting a bit ridiculous, as for each new troubleshooting topic I'm creating a new form for in the designer, then linking to that form and closing the previous on a button press. An example of the code I'm using for this is below.

//Goto Email troubleshooting form, keep form in same location, close current form private void btnToEmail_Click(object sender, EventArgs e) { frmEmail frm = new frmEmail(); frm.Show(); frm.Location = this.Location; this.Close(); } 

My question is: Is this super inefficient? We're a small, local firm so there aren't tons of us that will be using the application. But looking at my solution and seeing 12 forms so far this is still going to get fairly large. I still haven't seen any performance issues when testing the app for short periods, but if someone has this running for 3 days constantly navigating around, creating and closing forms seems like it could eat up a shitton of ram.

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