XAML Pattern for updating a list of objects?

Essentially it's a list of channels (via an API) that the end user can add or remove from a list. If the channel is active, it'll show a little green dot next to their name, and when it's inactive it'll show a little red dot.

It also will have a 'feed' list – basically that just says "X Channel has started streaming" and "Y Channel has stopped streaming" with timestamps.

It seems pretty simple in theory, but in practice I'm having trouble with the asynchronous nature and handling data binding to a list of objects that is constantly changing – and potentially being added to/removed from.

The resources on MVVM seem to be a bit generalized (maybe a bit over my head at this point?) and most of them seem to not be pointed towards WPF/XAML. MVVM Light Toolkit seems to be popular, so I'm considering learning that.

ReactiveUI is another possibility.

This is a really simple app, sort of a gateway towards getting into writing WPF apps more seriously, and I'm just a little lost on it. There seem to be a lot of options, and I don't have the practical experience to understand which pattern/toolkit to apply to it.


by TripW via /r/csharp

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