So i made a Source Server Lister

Hey guys,

I made a Community Server lister for Source based games in C# for myself(i play surf and kz in CSGO,CSS,1.6,TF2) but of course anyone can use it if wanted. Since i don't really have anyone to ask to see if i am doing something wrong or if there is better way of doing something in my code, here i am.

I'd like to point out that i've been working with c# for 7 months now and in this thread, i am open for anything you would say so please say anything you want. Please criticize the hell out of me so that i can improve myself and the program.

One more thing, I want to say special thanks to dotJosh who created an awesome library which helped me to understand the Steam Query request and response structures. You can find the library here Even though i didn't use the whole library i only studied it and used some parts of it(had to make some changes).

by sharkdeed via /r/csharp

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