Selecting and filtering data with WinForms without using a database or LINQ.

Hi, I was wondering if the following was possible with a simple winforms application with no sort of database or LINQ involved.

I've got an excel file with data on with different attributes. Currently, if I want to search for a certain object, I use the filter function in Excel. I was wondering if I could dump the data into some sort of list. E.g Consider a pipe which can be used for sprinklers perhaps, it has a pipe number , insulation type,thickness e.t.c. I'm trying to create a GUI with radio buttons bound to these attributes. The data will then be filtered based on the radio buttons the user has clicked. A message box will then be displayed showing the pipe a user wants. I have a rough idea of the implementation in my head but for the life of me, I can't figure out how to add the data with the attributes. I'm not quite sure either a list or a dictionary will do it. I'm an advanced beginner at best and I've not really dealt with LINQ or any database stuff. Any directions will be appreciated.

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