Question for those of you with C#/MVC/ASP.NET programming jobs

I'm looking at moving to an area that has a lot of web-programming jobs and many of the listings are looking for .NET or MVC related skills. I've really only ever worked with html, css, js and a bit of php and sql. I really enjoy that stuff but I'm considering learning .NET in C# for the sake of getting a job; but as a fairly novice programmer, I don't really know what kinds of things web-programmers might typically create/maintain on the job.

So I'm wondering if those of you who work with .NET and MVC can give me some ideas of the kinds of projects you work on to help me get an idea of what things I could expect to do on the job some day. Also, I'm trying to plan some projects to work on at home so this could give me some ideas.

by pfcat via /r/csharp

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