Need some direction – Desktop Application / Rest API Client with updates.


So I'm fairly new to C# and enjoying it quite a bit, but I'm a bit stumped on where to go to accomplish what I want to do.

I want to write a desktop application that has a list of items (that the user can add or remove from), and display that list with a current status (ie. True or False). The status should update on the application when a rest request is automatically sent and the status changed.

The current status is stored on a remote server with a Restful API (JSON) that I'm currently connecting to and getting updates just fine using a simple class library I wrote to speak to it (using JSON.Net) and a console application.

I'd like to transition my console application into Windows Forms or WPF. I have basic experience with both, although more with WPF – I can put together a fairly simple application that views data or allows data updates within the context of the application, using data binding.

I'm having trouble though with allowing the UI to be used to add/remove items from the list, while still looping through those items and updating any status changes on the UI.

After some digging… it looks like I could go with something like Reactive to get this working right, but it seems fairly complex and I'm not 100% sure. (Seems like quite a time investment to get familiar with it when I'm not sure if it's what I need or if it's overkill)

I know this is a pretty vague question – but given what I'm trying to do – what area should I research and study to move forward?


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