Need opinions on C# programming blog

Hey guys,

I recently started an experimental blog where I'm going to try to record and share a development process through the life of a C# project, specifically a Pokerbot.

I'm trying to strike a balance between having enough information so that the blog is informative to the reader, but not going into so much detail where I'm explaining every line of code and boring the reader. My ultimate goal would be to leave a novice programmer, who is interested in a subject with some nice core functions that they can use in their own code, and methods of testing what has been implemented. But not to go so far so that it feels like a tutorial where the reader is copying/pasting all the code and not learning.

I've posted a few sample posts on my blog:

Some feedback from you, the programming community would be greatly appreciated. Do you think it reads at a good pace? Is it flowing or clunky? Any thoughts on the content I'd love to hear.

Thanks for your time

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