My beginner WinForms project. View, rate, give feedback, help code, laugh at my poor UI.

I originally started this project in December when I wasn't working and had lots of time. I spent nearly all my time working on it, and was so excited that I kept making it bigger and bigger without actually refining what I had already made. Classic beginner mistake, I know.

Anyways, the basis of the program is to be a character builder for a tabletop game that I was making with some friends. We found that creating characters with pen and paper was very tedious and time consuming, so I offered to use my limited programming skills to make an app that would make building characters very easy. Well, I've been moderately successful in that it is usable to us. However, there are many, many problems with it, some of which are glaring and embarrassing. Now that the end of my school term is coming up, I'll have some more time to work on it, and I thought I would post it here to see what the community thought. Any feedback is appreciated.

I guess I should also state some of the problems I will be trying to fix first of all. The first and biggest is the shitty help system. This is described a little in the issues section of the repo page. The inefficient system of dialog navigation is also listed as an issue. The GUI needs some serious revamping: some of it is ugly as hell and not very intuitive, and it does not scale to the resolution of different screens. Depending on your display, it might look kind of wonky. I found it difficult to figure out how to fix this. As far as the code goes, I realize that for many methods/functions I should be passing by reference rather than by value. I am also still working on making proper XML documentation for it.

If you want to help me with this project, feel free! It's just for fun. Ask me questions about it or the game in general if you like.

Here is the project on GitHub:

If you just want to download and run the app, here it is on my Dropbox:

If you made it this far, thanks for reading!

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