is it possible to change the position of the blank row at the end of the datagridview?

I want to allow user to add rows but the blank row must be in he first position to let the user enter data without scroll down each time to insert a new row ?!

This is how I add the rows in the datagridview :

 private readonly DataGridView _dgv; private BindingSource _bindingSource; private DataTable _dataTable; private string _selectQueryString; private SqlConnection _sqlConnection; private SqlDataAdapter _sqlDataAdapter; protected SqlHelper(DataGridView dgv) { _dgv = dgv; } //display a table in datagridview public void ShowTable(String tableName) { _sqlConnection = new SqlConnection(ConnectionString); _sqlConnection.Open(); _selectQueryString = "SELECT * FROM " + tableName; _sqlDataAdapter = new SqlDataAdapter(_selectQueryString, _sqlConnection); var sqlCommandBuilder = new SqlCommandBuilder(_sqlDataAdapter); _dataTable = new DataTable(); _sqlDataAdapter.Fill(_dataTable); _bindingSource = new BindingSource {DataSource = _dataTable}; _dgv.DataSource = _bindingSource; _sqlConnection.Close(); } 

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