I need help programming an application for a work assignment.

I'm very inexperienced with programming, and I'm starting out with C#. I basically need an app that uses the compound interest formula with a financial goal in mind. Here is the GUI that I have completed:Here

I'm going to rename it Financial goal or something like that.

First textbox is where the user inputs their "goal"

Next is how much they'll deposit each year

The third is the interest rate

When the user presses "Next Year", the application calculates the balance at the end of the year in "Balance", and the difference between the goal and balance in "Remaining." The year starts at 0, and it should increment by 1 every time the button is pressed, which adds up the previous year's balance and updates the "Remaining" textbox.

Also, I know there's a way to make the answers come out as a currency in dollars. How would I do that?

Thanks for the help!

by ale_pato via /r/csharp

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