How do you handle your code & coding stuff

Hey all 🙂

since I'm doing more and more coding I also get more and more projects, code, code snippets and other coding relevant stuff. I know there are some ways to keep your projects ( Teamfoundation Server, GitHub ) but I would like to know if you hava any system how to keep all your data. Especially for code snippets and stuff you found or created which is very usefull for later projects I would like to know how you keep this and also sort it.

For example I created a class to do a API request to the Google Calendar API using the API Key and now I would like to have this in a good place. At the moment I would create a text file with the needed code and save it on my PC in an folder but I think you guys might have better ways.

So I would like to know how you handle your stuff since I'm very interessted how other people do it 🙂

Best, Mike

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