Candlestick (box&whisker) Charts in WPF – Any suggestions?

I've been looking at all the extension packs and most of them have a 30day trial period only. This is just a personal project for myself, so what are my best options without spending a lot of money? I've tried out

SciChart- Pretty good, looks awesome. Gave me lots of trouble to get it working the first time but beyond that it seems like the perfect tool.

ComponentOne- Unlike SciChart this didn't have a lot of features chartwise, but it was super easy to understand and use. It had a lot of other WPF tools that seemed very cool.

A couple of others that I couldn't figure out how to implement. But all of them were trial editions.

I hate the idea of learning to use one of them fully and then having the trial period end. So should I just build my own charting system from scratch?

by pope_says via /r/csharp

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