C# – transport Data from clients without a own server

Hi guys.

I'm currently programming a module that sends feedback about the user hardware and software usage. This Data includes things such as available RAM, screen size and what features the User uses most. (This is not spyware, this can be turned off and on in the settings)

Now I want to transmit that Data to me. I used E-Mail in the previous version, but this was a pretty horrible way of doing so.

What I imagine: I can upload data securely to some sort of webserver for free* and then can download and delete it later from my computer and can process it and generate some sweet average user.

Does something like this exist? Sure, i could just upload it private on some dedicated pastebin-account, but then i had to store tokens in the sourcecode.

(* yea i know this stinks)

by Jonas_Dralle via /r/csharp

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