Setting DateTime as a SQLDataSource Parameter / Passing Parameters when Calling a Stored Procedure

I'm a little bit stuck here as to what else I should code in so maybe someone here can help fill it in for me.

Basically I have two calendars on a web application on Visual Studio 2010. I want to catch the dates selected by click on the calendars as FromDate and ToDate on the stored procedure query parameters.

Here is how my aspx.cs looks like:

Here is how the relevant part of my aspx looks like:

I realize I am missing some code on both probably and would appreciate it if someone could fill that in for me so that the stored procedure will use the dates selected from the calendar as its parameters.

The stored procedure has 2 parameters: @Param1 datetime and @Param2 datetime. These parameters are listed as

Create Procedure [dbo].[payroll] (@Param1 datetime, @Param2, datetime) 

and are only used further down in the stored procedure query as AND PTH.Check_Date >=@Param1 AND PTH.Check_Date <=@Param2

Thanks a bunch.

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