My dear Redditors, I need some ideas

First of all, I wanna be clear on something. I'm not lazy and I'm asking this here just because I want to create something bigger and better than an average student.

I don't want to create some simple CRUD application with a database and 2 tables where the most advanced part is hashing the password before saving it into the database.

I really want to learn C# and .NET in depth and I need your suggestions what to start developing.

It can be a desktop/web application, some service etc. The important part is, there needs to be a lot of different constructs like LINQ, EF, etc.

It could be from any domain (like math, machine learning and statistics, economy etc.) because I'm not afraid to learn anything new. I was thinking, since I need to invest my time in this, why wouldn't this be something really good.

If you, maybe, need some interesting project in your company, I'll be glad to develop something which can go into production, it's not a problem.

Thank you!

by warriorkitty0 via /r/csharp

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