Looking for beginner guide that covers downloading and adding Prism to a WPF project

I'm new to Visual Studio and WPF, but am trying to start a basic project to learn Prism. I've played around with some MVVM stuff already but feel that I can benefit from the structure Prism provides. The problem is that no guides cover the most simple first steps: what happens after you've downloaded Prism. All of the guides I've found say that you need to add references to your project to various libraries (maybe not the right term?) that are provided by Prism, but when I look in the extracted Prism files I'm not able to find anything similar to what the guides are recommending. I'm sure it's some oversight on my part but I'm honestly not sure where else to look at this point.

The page I downloaded Prism from is here: http://ift.tt/1sIIQX4

by Vartib via /r/csharp

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