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  • I read early reviews with Skylake-X GCC compilation had lower performance because of lower L3 cache for cross-core comm. Can anyone confirm with a Skylake-X CPU that compile times are not down in Visual Studio? I sent some PMs and none of the tech youtubers want to test this.

    I have a Haswell 5820k, but it would be better if somebody had a broadwell-x and skylake-x cpu to compare to. L3 cache was cut in half basically for Skylake-X and the L2 I think quadrupled. Seems reasonable that code compilation could benefit greatly from L3. submitted by /u/fluoroamine [link] [comments]

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  • Script for connecting to Exchange Online. Feedback requested

    Hello, I am pretty new with Powershell. Most of my familiarity comes from managing Exchange Online, which I wanted to automate connecting to. I’d love feedback, especially when it comes to how the credentials are handled. <# .Synopsis Creates credential files in appdatalocalPS, then connects to exchange online .DESCRIPTION Long description .EXAMPLE Function Enter-ExchangeSession. First […]

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  • Bringing a Window to the front when MainWindowHandle = 0

    Hi everyone. I am trying to write a script which brings a closed running application to the front. I found a script which works fine for notepad. $sig = ‘[DllImport(“user32.dll”)] public static extern bool ShowWindowAsync(IntPtr hWnd, int nCmdShow);’ Add-Type -MemberDefinition $sig -name NativeMethods -namespace Win32 Stop-Process -Name Notepad -ea 0;Notepad.exe $hwnd = @(Get-Process Notepad)[0].MainWindowHandle [Win32.NativeMethods]::ShowWindowAsync($hwnd, […]