Priting to textbox, is there a shorter way I could accomplish this?

Hi everyone, I have a textbox I am printing to. I wrote this: serial.write(0x805, 0x0000001F); //##update the page address to read debug Buffer. 1f points to 0x7e000 UInt32 rb =; string str = ” ADC Cal-Offset is :” + rb.ToString(“X8”); displayBox.AppendText(str); displayBox.AppendText(Environment.NewLine); If you ignore the first line, you could see it took me […]

Invoke-RestMethod returning empty results

I have been trying to create a script using Powershell that returns API responses from a webserver. I have had success getting the results I need using Google’s “Advanced REST Client”, however the results I receive from Invoke-RestMethod, supplying the same parameters, are empty. The results from Google’s Client look like this: {“record”:[{“tables”:{“students”:{“student_number”:”xxxxxx”},”u_studentsuserfields”:{“e_mail_user_name”:”[](”}}}, But from […]

Features Greyed Out

Hello, I am attempting to use Conditional Access within Azure AD. Even though I had Azure AD P1 the features are still greyed out. Anyone had this problem? So frustrating, you purchase the relevant licenses however features don’t get turned on. submitted by /u/Quattro01 [link] [comments]