Programming Logic Question

Hi there, I am trying to implement code that runs a check on multiple systems every minute indefinitely, and if that check comes true I have code that takes corrective action. The problem is that the corrective action takes longer than 1 minute and I don’t want to delay other checks and lock up the […]

General utilities for C#

First time posting here. I have developed a set of functions including SQL Server operations, string extensions, downloading files and more for common operations using C# over the course of my current job. I use them daily and hope someone else finds them useful. I will continue expanding it and add more specific comments and […]

Azure SQL Elastic Database Query and Cosmos DB

I’ve found functionality and tutorials that describe how to link an external Cosmos DB database to SQL server: Which would be really fantastic in joining IoT data I have with relational data about the customer. However, I’ve yet to find if this functionality exists using Azure SQL server. Does anyone have any insight or […]

some help understanding EditorFor?

*Using .net core 2.0, no framework or webapi In my model: public List<MyObject> MyList In Views > Shared > EditorTemplates: MyObject.cshtml template In my view: @Html.EditorFor(x => x.MyList) Shows up MOSTLY fine, I can edit, and add to this list with ajax calls to add/edit the table, then reload w/ the new list Problem: when […]

Newbie question about C#.

Hi! I’m planning to get started into programming in C# and build ASP.NET applications, I have some questions: 1) It is still possible to develop ASP apps without Microsoft Visual Studio? I would like to use VSCode (The official installer is almost 6gb and my connection is very, very bad.), I heard that I have […]