How is it possible that after I log in to a website which uses CAPTCHA, my WPF application take some input from me and fill some fields of that website for me?

so basically I want my 3rd party program (which will be created using c# on WPF) be an interface between the user and that site. Using WebBrowser class I wanna load the login page and after the user logged in(and passed CAPTCHA), he/she will fill some fields in the program, and the program will use […]

New project, 2 questions

I made a post here, and got some great pointers. Thanks! 😁 to keep it fresh I deleted my old post and I’m making this one to establish what my next steps should be. Project idea: Simple dark themed UI as side bar, with 20-25 “cells”. Each cell will have a “LED light”-like button, expand […]