Azure Resource Provisioning – Automation

Hey guys – Looking to automate multiple resources in a repeatable process with parameters. I know there are multiple ways to do this including the following: PowerShell ARM templates Automation Runbook Let me share some background of what I’m looking to do. The deployment will create a storage account, containers, tables, service bus filter, etc.. […]

unlicensed users

Hallo I have a minor issue. I have here a Powershell script that is supposed to remove all direct assigned incenses for the users in a CSV File. #This script removes all Office 365 licenses for users specified in a CSV file with column name UPN (O365/Active Directory) or email address (for Active Directory users). […]

List of 80 C# Interview questions

Care, those are kind of “advanced” What happens when I throw exception as something that doesnt inherit from System.Exception? What’s going on up to 1? How to effectively swallow ThreadAbortException? How to catch AccessViolation exceptions? How to catch them at .NET 1? Method A calls method B from the try block part try + finally. […]