Regex insert dash

Hello all, Just getting started learning regex. I gather for my issue I need to do a capture group to insert a dash. I’ve got a text file and I’ve got instances of numbers like this: 12345601 That need to be 123456-01 Here is what I’ve got so far: Get-Content ‘C:UsersAdminDesktop20181020.txt’ | Select-String -Pattern ‘dddddddd’ […]

Marble widget for c#

Hello, ​ Is there any way I could use the Marble widget in a C# windows forms application? I have looked on the website but can find guidance for only C++ and Python. If that is not possible, is there an equivalent virtual atlas I could use for C#? Thank you submitted by /u/mergc [link] […]

wpf MVVM /EF Code First Error on DataContext

The whole project compiles and run but it shows an error on xaml. I can also fetch data from my database. I’ve already search on SO but I only found this same problem, ​ The only work around he did is to put the datacontext in code behind. submitted by /u/PuzzledImagination [link] [comments]

Time to move to PowerShell Core?

Are you a Windows Administrator? Still using Windows PowerShell? Did you know that Microsoft has no plans to add new features to Windows PowerShell? PowerShell Core is the shell moving forward. Don’t worry, it runs side-by-side with Windows PowerShell too! Bruce Payette announced his Release Candidate of the WindowsCompatilibity module for PowerShell Core on Twitter […]