Selecting first letter of a string then the first 2 consonants to give a 3 letter string

Hello, Would anybody know if this is possible? I am sure it is via regex but not entirely sure how to achieve this. I have managed to get the first letter but can’t figure how to programatically pull the first 2 consonants after the first letter $consonant = “B”,”C”, “D”, “F”, “G”, “H”, “J”, “K”, […]

Real Life Pester use ?

Hi there, Digging into pester and find lots of great resources from the usual PowerShell gurus (thanks !) Still not hitting that “ah yeah!” Moment for how it will actually have a direct benefit. Would love it if people have a simple example of a real life set of testing they use, ideally pretty basic, […]

C# Job Fair! [October 2018]

Hello everyone! This is a monthly thread for posting jobs, internships, freelancing, or your own qualifications looking for a job! Basically it’s a “Hiring” and “For Hire” thread. Rule 1 is not enforced in this thread. If you’re looking for other hiring resources, check out /r/forhire and the information available on their sidebar. Do not […]


guys wannna ask if it is worth it to buy this package? ​ is the measureup Practice Test actually valid in their assumptions that its exactly the same as the actual test? they seem to be making lots of bold claims. submitted by /u/projectos [link] [comments]