Send-Command Function errors

I am attempting to make a send-command function for my profile that lists common commands and sends the one selected via invoke-command. I wanted to do this to limit the amount of functions I need in my powershell profile for what is really just invoke command using a command or existing function. function Send-Command { […]

MKL not working under mono

I get [ERROR] FATAL UNHANDLED EXCEPTION: System.InvalidProgramException: Invalid IL code in myClass.MKL_FFT this is the class… public static Complex[] MKL_FFT(Complex[] in_matrix, double fScalingFactor = 1) { int status; IntPtr des_handle = IntPtr.Zero; Complex[] out_matrix = new Complex[in_matrix.Length]; try { status = DftiCreateDescriptor(ref des_handle, (int)DFTI_CONFIG_VALUE.DFTI_DOUBLE, (int)DFTI_CONFIG_VALUE.DFTI_COMPLEX, 1, in_matrix.Length); MKL_FFT_Error(status, “DftiCreateDescriptor() “); status = DftiSetValue(des_handle, (int)DFTI_CONFIG_PARAM.DFTI_FORWARD_SCALE, __arglist(fScalingFactor)); […]