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  • ASP.NET Selected Value In Lists

    Hello There, I created a radio button list, whenever I choose an Item that I didn’t desire it resets and checks the first one. Can someone explain this? and most importantly how to fix it? The code itself: foreach (ListItem item in RadioButtonList2.Items) { if (item.Selected && item.Value.Equals(“true”)) grade[3] += 25; if (!item.Selected && item.Value.Equals(“true”) […]

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  • Commands from required modules being reported as in my module

    I have a module that I’ve written that uses the ActiveDirectory module for some of its operations. It lists the ActiveDirectory module in the .psd1 file in both RequiredModules and PSData/ExternalModuleDependencies (for when it’s published to an internal repository). When I Import-Module <myModuleName> then do a Get-Command -Module <myModuleName> it lists all the ActiveDirectory cmdlets […]