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  • Abort OpenId Connect Authentication if condition (hd) is not met?

    Just wondering if there’s a way to abort the authentication process if a condition is not met, e.g.: app.UseOpenIdConnectAuthentication(new OpenIdConnectOptions { ///… Events = new OpenIdConnectEvents { OnTokenValidated = e => { //…. if (claim == null) { // Invalidate authentication? } return Task.FromResult(0); }, OnRedirectToIdentityProvider = context => { context.ProtocolMessage.SetParameter(“hd”, “domain.com”); return Task.FromResult(0); } […]

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  • Get-UserSessionEx – Get all user session info in one place…for real though.

    Get-UserSessionEx is capable of outputting User Session information for an array of Computers by combining output from query.exe and Get-CimInstance. The goal is to gather all of the most useful Session information in one place. Get-UserSessionEX.ps1 Link: https://github.com/pldmgg/misc-powershell/blob/master/Get-UserSessionEx.ps1 The Get-UserSessionEx function is composed (primarily) of two functions: Get-UserSessionViaQuery and Get-UserSessionViaCim. The Get-UserSessionViaQuery function is a […]

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  • Entity Framework model first, SQL not creating tables.

    I am just starting with EF6 (6.1.3) and it appears that whatever tutorial I follow there is one problem after another. I am currently using msdn model first video at “https://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/jj591505(v=vs.113).aspx“ After creating two entities and an association between them, ans saving I generate database from model, and execute the resulting SQL. However the database […]

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  • Where do I start learning?

    Hi guys, I want to make a desktop client for Windows that talks to a Node JS API for a finance app. What do think I need to learn to make a good desktop experience? I’ve always went for the hottest technology out there, so I’m not afraid to pursue the latest and best the […]

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  • Opinions on 1&1.co.uk?

    I am looking for some cheapish shared Windows hosting for the 4 years I will be at university and so far 1&1.co.uk seems to have the best pricing. see here Has anyone here used 1&1 for an MVC 5 application? Does it work well? Are they any good? Edit: This is for a client area […]