Printer Troubleshooting Script

Hi Everyone, I’ve started a script to troubleshoot printing issues. This is what I have so far $PrinterName = Read-Host “Enter Printer Name” $Printer = Get-WmiObject -Class Win32_Printer | Where-Object {$_.Name -Like $PrinterName} $Printer.Name $Port = Get-WmiObject Win32_TcpIpPrinterPort -Filter “name = ‘$($Printer.Portname)'” -ComputerName MCAULR09 $Port.Name Checking Connectivity If (Test-Connection $Port.Name -Count 4 -Quiet) { Write-Host […]

Extract part of string from property

Hi, despite me not knowing powershell at all I’ve been given a task to gather some data using it and I’m completely lost. I have an object/property called Firmware and there are many lines containing various Firmware versions. E.g. $SI Something something Module 2.35 -[ASD578A]- $AS Bla bla nothing 22.4 -[AS324WA]- I’m using a Select-object […]