[VB2010] Debugging the program says there are no errors, but doesn’t show the window of the program while its executing. Details below. Pls help

I’m doing the 15 puzzle game on Microsoft Visual Basic 2010 Express, I’m at the stage of checking if a given initial state is solvable or not, and everything was working / running the program perfectly, until I put this: https://puu.sh/Bg3kM/000680a0fd.png inside the Private Sub Solvable(). And when I F5 to check if it worked […]

Hi, I’m having issues with designer and I’m using VB as my language

so i get both errors for 🆚 2015 system.operationcanceledexceptionthe registration of the app package required by the designer took too long to complete and was canceled. reload the designer to try again. windows.ui.xaml.markup.xamlparseexception xaml parsing failed. I’ve tried repairing it as this has been a solution in the past but as of the latest Windows […]