[Xamarin.Android] Extracting subtitle tracks from .mkv using MediaExtractor clss

Here’s my code so far: MediaExtractor me = new MediaExtractor(); me.SetDataSource(VideoUrl); var tracks = me.TrackCount; for (int i = 0; i < tracks; i++) { var format = me.GetTrackFormat(i); var mime = format.GetString(MediaFormat.KeyMime); me.SelectTrack(i); } Unfortunately, MediaExtractor doesn’t seem to be able to find any subtitle tracks in the .mkv files I checked. Only the […]

Brave Pilots Wanted to take C# + WPF where they never have been: native web apps!

Frogui, a .NET UI framework based on WPF and the modern web, has just reached the technical preview stage and is immediately available for use in building native web apps. Highlights: Revolutionary WebAssembly makes it all possible. Microsoft Xamarin’s Mono for WebAssembly is used exclusively. Use Microsoft Visual Studio to create projects. Debug in the […]