What is this constructor pattern called?

When creating a complex object I would usually build it with optional parameters and instantiate like so: Thing thing = new Thing(0, 17, null, “filename.txt”); but this leaves parameters ambiguous. I could always use named parameters but others developing the codebase might not bother with them. The problem becomes even more pronounced the more parameters […]

Things I’m missing w/o R#

The topic keeps coming up and R# is not getting any faster (or maybe it is and just doesn’t feel faster). So when I installed VS 2019 preview I thought I might as well test it without and write everything down. Extensions I installed to replace R#: Supercharger SmartPaster (only 2017, I forked and fiddled […]


i have a question i wrote in c# code that creates a folder but i cant copy things into it because the folder is ReadOnly when i create it and how can i chnage the name of the folder to a result of a part of code Part of code: FileInfo[] fi = di.GetFiles(); foreach […]