A* Help

Hi all! I’m implementing an A* algorithm in Unity/C#. I’ve done this before with a grid-based system, but this time I’m using a network of nodes. I’m having a few troubles, such as agents stopping one node before their destination and agents taking unnecessarily complex routes to get where they’re going. I know there’s something […]

Am I being stupid or is this a bug??

I have this code, works perfectly in Debug, but on release it doesn’t. The loop never breaks even tho the condition is met. https://gist.github.com/TheDarkVoid/423f4d9c5f3baa3f66145479bbf19c7d However if I un-comment the line that writes game to the console it works. It doesn’t make any sense am I missing something? Edit: uploaded to gist Edit 2: Solved by […]

What files do you need to run a C# program (once built in Visual Studio)?

I’m fairly new to C#, when I build my program (a WPF application) in Visual Studio I get the following files: Program.exe, Program.exe.config, Program.pdb, Program.vshost.exe, and Program.vshost.exe.config. Are all of these files needed for the program to run, or are some of them just for debugging information? If for example I wanted to stick the […]

Correct way to handle joins with entity framework code first (and MVVM)?

Hello there, I am wondering how you guys handle joins in an entity framework code first scenario. Say for example. I have two tables; Customer (Id, Name) and ContactDetail (Id, CustomerId, PhoneNumber, etc). A customer has multiple ContactDetails. I want to display a grid with join that has columns as so; Customer.Id, Customer.Name, ContactDetail.PhoneNumber ————– […]