Simple question about writing psobject arrays

I’m a beginner, and I cant seem to find an answer on google to what must be some dumb mistake I’m making. Very basic code! $ServerNames = “Server1”, “Server2”, “server3” $XAServers = @() foreach ($name in $ServerNames){ $XAServerObj = new-object psobject $mode = “test” $XAServerObj | Add-Member -MemberType “NoteProperty” -Name HostName -value $name $XAServerObj | […]

.Ps1 Error Assistance

I’m trying to run a script I downloaded. Get-LockedOutUser.ps1. r/PowerShell – you’re probably familiar with it or at least the cmdlet. I’m very new to PS, learning as I go and going through MS vAcademy classes for it. There are minor variarions of the script all over the Internet. Most are 100% identical, but I’ve […]

Having trouble with workflows

Hello, I’m trying to use Azure Automation to apply some tags. However I’d like to do this in parallel and I’m having a lot of trouble getting it to work. Here’s some code I’ve been goofing with but it doesn’t do anything: workflow Test-Workflow { $Inheritable = @{ThisTag=”Test”} $RGs = Get-AzureRMResourceGroup foreach -parallel ($RG in […]