[noob] Why does powershell use . when referencing a file like Linux but very unlike command prompt?

In Linux when you want reference a file in the same directory you’re in, you use ./filename.extension. When using command prompt, you just use filename.extension. So why do we use .filename.extension in powershell? I’m quite the noob at powershell. I’ve mainly used it for some basic robocopy commands. From my limited knowledge, powershell is a […]

Sending a CSV via SFTP every 24 hours

I am some what new to powershell. I exported a list of folders from a directory in my OneDrive. Get-ODChildItems -AccessToken $Auth.access_token -ResourceId “https://SITE-my.sharepoint.com/personal/USERNAME_SITE_com/” -path “/FOLDERLOCATION/” | Select-Object -Property name,lastModifiedDateTime I am trying to send that file to a location via SFTP. I have gotten both of these things to work separately, but I can’t […]

Vexed by wsus

For a while now, I’ve been looking for a way to automate how we do wsus patching. For some reason, all examples and googling yield either references to dot net or framework methods and attributes, or spice works answers that give a hint of what I’m looking for. But not really. Plus, the objects you […]