Libraries for working with data?

What are your favorite libraries/resources in .NET for working with data? I don’t do any fancy machine learning, but my job is starting to entail more and more data engineering – retrieval/cleaning/parsing/etc – as well as some basic regression fits and graphing. For right now, I can’t make use of Python’s extensive packages for such […]

IIS error: “Creation of the virtual directory failed with error: Filename ‘…//.vs/config/applicationhost.config’ Error: Cannot write configuration file” (ASP.NET)

I have 3 PCs, so to streamline development I use Onedrive (BEFORE YOU CRUCIFY ME: I use Github for bigger projects, I know Onedrive is risky). So I assume that’s why I’m getting this error. But this only happens on one of the computers, the other two are fine (my Surface does give me an […]