Implementing EF 2.0 Audit log

I’m currently looking for the best way to implement an audit log for my .net core backend using EF core. I’ve looked online and see various approaches, and was wondering what experiences were in the sub. All the approaches I’ve seen involve overwriting the SaveChanges() method of the context and some use shadow properties. Interested […]

Need Contribution and Help In Xeeny Framework (services framework, .net standard devices, sockets)

I am writing this framework that allows .net developers to host services in devices as WCF is still not standard. It allows communication with different transports, duplex, and different serializers. The goal is simplifying communication between devices without servers (say mobile to printer, or mobile to mobile voice chat over UDP) I need support and […]

Switching from PHP to

Hello. I’m a PHP developer with a couple years experience working in Symfony and Laravel frameworks, familiar with clean code, coding standards and paradigms (SOLID, ACID and this kind of stuff). I was thinking lately and figured out it would not be bad to switch to (or at least start learning about) and how […]