guys wannna ask if it is worth it to buy this package? ​ is the measureup Practice Test actually valid in their assumptions that its exactly the same as the actual test? they seem to be making lots of bold claims. submitted by /u/projectos [link] [comments]

Learning azure?

My boss wants me to learn azure because his grand plan is to move all of ours and our clients’ shit onto azure. I’ve not really been a fan on microsoft’s cloud platform in general, but i reluctantly pushed on to try setting up a simple test environment. I’m at a loss right now though. […]

Questions on certification

Hello all! I have been asked get an azure cert or two because my company has two clouds. I am primarily an aws architect/engineer, so I have some cloud experience, but my azure knowledge is a bit dated. I come from an infrastructure background and was a passable Linux admin. I have noticed there seems […]