Questions about Azure AKS preview

Hi, Let me start by saying I know next to nothing about containers.

Recently I have had developers come to me requesting a Kubernetes cluster so I have been looking at what I can do over the last few days.

I have been taking a look at AKS in Azure for this purpose.

I have been able to get an AKS cluster and Container registry up and running without too much trouble, however I noticed that when you provision an AKS cluster, Azure creates a bunch of resources for you.

A Resource Group, a Load Balancer, a Public IP, a Vnet etc. etc.

So you end up with the original resource group you created which houses the managed AKS object and another resource group containing the nodes and supporting hardware.

This means that You also have no control over the naming convention of any of the automatically added devices or resource groups.

It also means that “out of the box” the cluster has no way of talking to internal resources as you are unable to specify a Vnet you want the cluster created on.

I know AKS is currently in preview but I was wondering for those who know more than me

Is there any plan to allow all of the automatically created items can be named so they can conform to our naming standard?

Is there any plans to allow the cluster to be created on an existing Vnet?

Is there any way for me to change the address space of the automatically created VNet as it conflicts with an existing Vnet address space.

Is there some reason I would want this cluster in a separate Vnet? I am confused as to why you cannot just select your existing Vnet and have the cluster created there.

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