Can I bind arbitrary parameters to the Azure Functions that show up in the Logic Apps designer UI?

I have several Azure functions of the GenericWebHook type. They accept a nebulous HttpRequestMessage req in the function signature, and in the Logic Apps UI there’s a field for populating this request body/payload for whatever you’d like.

Screenshot example: !Image

My question is: in that Logic Apps designer where I’m editing the payloads, can I also provide additional UI fields for strings, ints, enums, etc? Or is it fixed JSON?

I understand that Logic Connectors provide far greater flexibility, but it seems they require a fairly mature API to wrap. I’m somewhere in the middle, where I have some functions that have a few parameters that I’d like to chain together but also want to provide some sort of template structure in the UI for folks who will be building workflows.

I’ll take any advice you have. Thanks!

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