Best practice for simple web “app”?

I’m thinking of a simple “web app” with about two or three pages with some controls. And I’m not sure if this needs a “full stack” development in VS or if it’s better to separate frontend and backend development.

I think asp-forms are legacy, so let’s just exclude that.

Razor also is outdated.

Then there’s MS MV(V)M, which would offer full stack, but I’m not sure how much this is currently used in practice and if we should use it for a such a small project.

So, my idea was that we have a “front end developer” who can use whatever framework he likes (some MVC javascript framework if necessary) and a backend developer who writes the Web API in C#, also using the MVC design patterns.

So, I guess, my question is, for a simple web app (which will authenticate a user and write something into a database), should we use full stack VS or could it be separated into a frontend and backend part?

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