[Project] I’m in the research phase of my project – looking to see if it’s possible to extract patterns from code during compile time.

We have a massive code base. Within this code base, we use these things called configs that are basically knobs that we can use to control anything we want. They can be ints, bools, strings whatever. They all follow the same pattern of ConfigSettings.SetValue(“string name of config here”). We have them set all over the place and sometimes developers will put them in without actually informing anyone it’s there, and that info is obviously very useful.

I’m curious if there’s any way I can write a tool that will either extract these patterns from our binaries, or looks for these patterns at compile time and writes them to a file somewhere, so this way we can keep track of all the hidden configs, and any future configs easily. Does anyone know where I would even start for a project like this? Any info is appreciated thanks.

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