Confused about release status of Span

I’ve been anxiously waiting for this feature, so I might be getting ahead of myself here. 🙂 But is Span<T> support supposed to be released now that Visual Studio 15.5 with C# 7.2 support is here?

The release notes have all touted Span support, but all I can find is the System.Memory pre-release package from 5 months ago, and that doesn’t use ref structs. If I understand correctly, the real release of Span<T> will be far more restricted in how it’s used due to ref structs. Because of this, I don’t want to start relying on the pre-release package just yet, as I could do an API redesign that’s completely invalid based on the ref struct restrictions that will be in place with the proper release.

Does anyone know what the actual status of this is then? Is Span<T> support not actually coming for several months still in a framework update? Or is there a proper, ref struct System.Memory package being released soon?

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