(beginner) help with multiple tabs

Sorry the title isn’t exactly indicative of what I’m currently struggling with. I’m working on a project and I’m trying to make things a little neater by having the option of what area of research you’d like to look at instead of just listing all of them out. Each tab has their own unique name so I can add the correct area of research to them.I’m gathering all this info through a restfulAPI, the issue is I can’t just say String areaName = interest.areaName and then after I got the information say areaName.Controls.add(rtb)… (rtb is a rich text box). I’m wondering if there is an easy way that I don’t know of to be able to add just a specific area of research to their correct tab.

tl;dr: Have a long list of areas of research and using a foreach loop to go through it. I can’t seem to be able to add each area to their own specific tab.

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