Server 2016 image broken?

I’ve deployed marketplace Server 2016 VM’s in both our corporate tenancy and my MSDN subscription. Both VM’s build ok, however neither of them will apply patch KB4038782.

Steps to recreate

  1. Build Server 2016 VM from Marketplace
  2. Log onto VM
  3. Click check for updates

The update will stick at either 45% or 47%. My system has been there for 7 hours now.

The reason why I believe it is the build – I have machines that are 2016 that were built in July that have applied the patch without issue. They are non domain machines without any form of WSUS management, so I know that’s not interfering.

I’ve just done another machine from my lab that was built over a month ago and done it’s first windows update – completed in about 25 minutes.

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