How to integrate FFmpeg within c# application

Hi, I have made an application that runs command lines for FFmpeg which works just fine, however requires FFmpeg to be installed on the Computer being used.

I’ve read about wrappers being developed but they all halted development. Is there anything that can be done? Tutorials would help as I’ve never done this sort of thing in the past

Thanks 🙂


Solution: Copy the FFmpeg.exe into the debug folder where the solution exe is

ProcessStartInfo ffmpeg = new ProcessStartInfo(); ffmpeg.CreateNoWindow = false; ffmpeg.UseShellExecute = false; ffmpeg.FileName = "ffmpegffmpeg.exe"; ffmpeg.Arguments = "-i example.mp4 -r 500 -f image2 image-%04.png"; ffmpeg.RedirectStandardOutput = true; Process x = Process.Start(ffmpeg); 

This will keep generating images so it needs to be fixed.

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