Stuck. project/development

so, probably the best way to explain this would be I have a foundation in programming but I feel like I don’t know how to actually build anything sometimes.

I have the basics and even a bachelor in application development with a gpa of 5(out of 7) which is considered to be okay. I even built a small chat server that uses an asynchronous setup on the server for clients with a library for items on the server and client, as one would, and that was 6 months ago. since then I haven’t built or programmed much of anything since.

Every time I go to work on a project im at a blank. there is no puzzle for me to solve. when I think of it like “what can i build?” I fall back to blank and begin doubting my whole knowledge of programming.

Does anyone know of any open source projects that I can work on? I need something to add to my resume and experience otherwise I will never get into the industry as I was never able to make any connections while doing my course as I was an external student.

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