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  • Having trouble with some loop logic

    Hi all, I’m working on a little project that is a profanity filter. I’m having an issue with some of the loop logic with regard to some of the possible filter variations. For example: Word: ass Variations: a=4, s=$ Here is a snippet of my code: https://pastebin.com/Edt0GYyx Output: Word: ass variation: 4ss variation: a$s variation: […]

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  • Powershell DSC Client counts

    We have been using DSC for a major project this summer. We currently have 3 production servers load balanced behind a F5 with approximately 7000 clients talking in. We have had no issues with this environment. I currently have a case open with Microsoft with our Dev server. Once we reached roughly 1700 clients talking […]

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  • Locking down my Web role

    I published a simple Web role I created for use by an app I’m developing. In less than a week it looks like my endpoint has been hit over a thousand times. What are the appropriate ways to lock down my endpoint so only my endpoint can hit it? submitted by /u/wutdoido3 [link] [comments]

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  • vnet extension?

    if I have a vpn gateway and small vnet. How would I extend this vnet into another to get more IP addresses? Something like an additional vnet with a load balancer? Is that all I’d need? submitted by /u/KendraHeart [link] [comments]