Looking for Lightswitch replacement. Any good Rapid Application Development / Line of Business frameworks?

I started rolling out Lightswitch applications a few years ago for self-contained CRUD applications. The first few were Silverlight clients, but several have been HTML5 clients. Some executives at work just found out that Lightswitch won’t be supported in the future and are discouraging any new development using Lightswitch. Are there any good alternatives to Lightswitch out there?

Before Lightswitch, when I needed a quick and dirty UI for a CRUD application I would throw together some Access forms with links to a SQL Server database. Generally this worked fine for literally over a decade but required quite a bit of development and compromise before the users were satisfied.

Lightswitch came along and suddenly I could pump out LoB applications without much work at all. I remember creating a lightswitch application in 10 minutes from data tables to GUI that went into production without any additional code. The Entity framework did a great job defining data relationships that all the validation was baked in from the start. And the GUIs it produced were fluid and generally user-friendly.

So… what now? Has anyone else used other tools with the power and capabilities of lightswitch? It would be great if I could just focus my attention on some other technology with the same capabilities to crank out those quick and dirty projects. I’ve heard mention of Serenity and PowerApps, but I don’t have any experience with either of them. Tips?

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