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  • Recursive Get for a group.

    I am running the following script but I am trying to only do enabled users. How could I modify this? Function Get-MyLargeGroup { [cmdletbinding()] Param( [Parameter(Position=0,ValueFromPipeline,ValueFromPipelineByPropertyName)] [ValidateNotNullorEmpty()] [string]$Name) Begin { Write-Verbose “Starting $($MyInvocation.MyCommand)” } #begin Process { Write-Verbose “Retrieving members from $Name” $mygroup = Get-ADGroup -Identity $Name -Properties Members foreach ($member in $mygroup.members) { $object […]

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  • Storing Scripts

    Hey all, I’m trying to figure out the best way to save my scripts for easy access. Currently, I just have them all saved on a Microsoft document that I copy and paste from. However, the longer I work with PowerShell, the longer the list becomes, and it’s becoming a hassle to use Word. Is […]

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  • Azure Certs Question

    Looking at my Azure certs, bought the tripple pack. PLan to take 70-533/534 as I am an ops guy, but I am not sure which other I should take. Many people say 532 but that seems much more dev oriented. I am not a programmer, I know PS well and can understand some C++ and […]