Script to Download Manga from MangaEden

This is the first script I have made public, so I don’t have much of an idea how this works. I’ll try my best to explain how it works.

Copy the contents of the pastebin, and create a ps1 file where you wish to download manga.



What it does:

When you run the script, it will now download the manga as

C:USERMangaEdenSeries NameChapter 1

C:USERMangaEdenSeries NameChapter 2

Also, I used the New-ZipFile function to make .zip files, so as to read the manga in a cbr reader, so the created archives will be stored as

C:USERMangaEdenSeries NameChapter Number – Series Name – Chapter

You can change the naming scheme of the zip file, by modifying the $zipName variable. I have used this system since I find it convenient

How to use:

Right click the .ps1 file you have made, and use “Run with PowerShell”

When you run the script, you will see a prompt for a mangaeden url.

Now, you enter the url to main page of the manga, and the chapters which you wish to download.

Enter URL: Lower Limit: 1 Higher Limit: 7.5 

Now, the script will first check if the entered URL is valid, if not, it will give a warning and quit.

Next, it will will check if the entered Limits are numeric or not, if not, it will give a warning and quit.

After this part, it will start download the images starting from the lower limit ie 1. It will download the entire chapter, then make an archive of this chapter, and then progress to download chapter 2.

After all chapters are downloaded, it will displays a message, and then ask user to “Press enter to quit!”

Note: If you have downloaded a chapter partially , or if when giving the limits, you enter a already downloaded chapter, the script will automatically check if the chapter folder and the respective images already exist. If they do, it will skip them, and move to the next.

And, for more detailed information, you can always check the comments, I have tried my best to be as informative as possible, but I may have been biased considering I know what I did.

If the comments don’t answer your questions, post a comment, I’ll reply to the best of my ability.

Note: I haven’t had much experience with POSH, so I welcome your suggestions!

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