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Hi; to anyone that can help. My instructor sent me this text for an assignment:

“Dear Student: You have defined the aisles using the Enum function, but there are some issues in the the code for implementing the basket contents. Please review the exercise instructions and this attached helper code.”

Here is my code:

Public Class GroceryItem Private serialCode As Integer Public packageName As String Public itemDescription As String Private howMuch As Double Private Bakery As String

Public ReadOnly Property ScanNumber() As Integer Get Return serialCode End Get End Property Public ReadOnly Property BrandName() As String Get Return packageName End Get End Property Public ReadOnly Property Description() As String Get Return itemDescription End Get End Property Public Property Price() As Double Get Return howMuch End Get Set(value As Double) If value > 0 Then howMuch = value End If End Set End Property Public ReadOnly Property Aisle() As String Get Return Bakery End Get End Property 'Constructor Public Sub New(ScanNumber As Object) 'Set the default value serialCode = 0 End Sub 'Constructor Public Sub New(BrandName, Price) 'Set the default value howMuch = 0 packageName = "" End Sub 

End Class

Public Enum Aisle Bakery CannedGoods Drinks Deli DryGoods FrozenFoods Produce End Enum

Can someone tell me what he means?

I can send the “helper code” also

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