Issue with COM objects

Hey All,

This one is far enough out there that I haven’t been able to find anything helpful online, I figured maybe somebody here has some ideas.

I’ve been experimenting with user impersonation. Everything works great, except that the “imposter” POSH instance has issues with COM objects. For example:

$SAPI = New-Object -ComObject SAPI.SpVoice $SAPI.speak($Text) 

Returns 0x80040154 – Class not registered. The object is there- $SAPI | GM looks normal, I just can’t call it. Sometimes new-object isn’t recognized as a cmdlet at all, or POSH will crash when I call a COM object. I’ve tried 64-bit and 32-bit, tried -noprofile, tried running as admin and as a standard user, no luck so far. Everything else seems to work just fine, I’m not sure what else to try.

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