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  • Come discuss your side projects! [April 2017]

    Hello everyone! This is a monthly thread for sharing and discussing side-projects created by /r/csharp‘s community. Feel free to create standalone threads for your side-projects if you so desire. This thread’s goal is simply to spark discussion within our community that otherwise would not exist. Please do check out newer posts and comment on others’ […]

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  • Azure DNS IPv6 support

    Hey, can’t find any info on this. So: currently there’s no AAAA records for the Azure DNS servers (nsx-y.azure-dns.com/net/org/info). It seems that even big players are missing out on this, such as OpenDNS, Bluehost, Name.com, Hostgator and Namecheap. Does anyone have any info about plans for rollout in Azure DNS? submitted by /u/gradinkov [link] [comments]

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  • C# .NET on Mac

    Hi guys… so I wanted to get a head start on my internship (they use C# .NET environment). I currently have mac and was wondering if there is anyone here who would like to share their environment, such as IDE or other softwares on their mac. Thank you! submitted by /u/wjddn1994 [link] [comments]