Tools: Resharper Continuous Testing or nCrunch

So I have been using nCrunch for the last couple of years and I find it to be a valuable tool that continuously runs my unit tests in the background and notifies me of passing or failing tests as I’m writing my code. The code coverage tools and metrics tools are great as well as the distributed processing.

I’ve been a ReSharper user for quite some time and today when looking at their site about the unit test portion of the tool I noticed that it too has a continuous testing function. It doesn’t appear to be as in depth as nCrunch and it requires a ReSharper Ultimate license or at least dotCover.

Has anyone used the ReSharper continuous testing and nCrunch and have thoughts which is better? I haven’t seen much how the ReSharper version works compared to nCrunch. I found one blog post comparing the interruption of flow with dotCover and how it isn’t an issue for nCrunch.

What is your take on the two?

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