Next step for helpdesk ?

Hey everyone.

I finished a couple of monthes ago the awesome “Learn Powershell in a month of lunch”, and i’ve been writing PoSh like crazy ever since :

  • Wrote a dozen of custom cmdlets to help for the most common tickets we can solve at our level

  • A tool for printer batch deployment and migration, with a nice GUI in WPF (thanks Foxdeploy) for my colleagues who hate CLI.

  • Dozens of scripts for 365 administration

Right now, on my todolist, I have :

And that’s it. I know the “next step” question has been asked a couple of time on this sub, but the answers don’t quite fit for someone like me who has only helpdesk level permissions. I’m only admin of 365 and user desktops, and I can’t see what could be my next automation project.

I kinda want PoSh to be my stepping stone in IT, my out-of-helpdesk card, but I’m running out of ideas about what can be done with it at my current level. I’m setting up a lab at home with VMs to start messing around with SSCM, nano servers… But that’s not something my current employer is gonna see.

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