Lockbox – my open source project for storing vulnerable app settings.

Hey, I’ve just released the first version of my latest open source project called Lockbox:

https://getlockbox.com – landing

https://github.com/Lockbox-stack/Lockbox – repository + docs

http://piotrgankiewicz.com/2016/12/05/lockbox/ – blog post about it

The idea is quite simple – being able to store e.g. encrypted app settings or any other vulnerable configurations (passwords, API keys etc.) that are being used by the applications on the remote servers. I did it for my own purpose at first, because Vault felt like a little bit too much and I really wanted to have something simple to integrate with .NET Core application (which is why I also added an external package called Lockbox.Client). Everything is open sourced, there are some basic docs for the API and code itself and other samples + everything can be run via Docker container. I hope that some of you will find it useful and I’d like to get a feedback what do you think about it and any of your concerns regarding security and so on.

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