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  • Powershell Multithreading with Jobs or runspaces

    Hey everyone! Looking for some help wrapping my mind around multithreading. Lets take a simple script that loops through AD to get OS information for every server. If you have thousands this can take hours to do. I want to multithread queries like this to save on time. Original Script https://gist.github.com/hematic/0532427417eb36776439ec00e56b3f1c From browsing the web […]

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  • How to read Data from a file- Then Encrypt that Data and save it as another File. (Then be able to Decrypt it again and save it as another File?

    This is the Scenario i have been given: “you have been given the task to create a program that reads the data from a file, and then encrypts the information into another saved text file. You can choose any encrpyption method. You must do this for Decryption as well.” My presumption, is that i need […]

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  • Dealing with input ranges and numbers

    I want to read certain lines such as line 1,2,6,9-15,20 and 31 off a text file. User will have a simple text box to write: Insert lines to be read: [1,2,6,9-15,20,31] This would mean I would have to read: 1,2,6,9,10,11,12,13,14,15,20 and 31. First thing: Only allow numbers, “-“, and “,” to be introduced into the […]

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  • Where to learn WPF?

    I was wondering where a good place to learn WPF / XAML would be? I have a good basic understanding with it and feel comfortable building basic things but would like to learn more on making things look good (styling). Most of what I can find is all very basic. I’m also having a hard […]