Xamarin Android ListView Modification – Possible?

Hi guys,

I would be posting this in /r/xamarinandroid but that place seems quite dead. Barely any posts over the past month and so few comments.

So basically I've been trying to create a custom ListView-type of thing which changes the way the user interacts with the view itself.


What I'm trying to achieve:

  • ListView that scrolls in the opposite direction (pulling down scrolls down, and pulling up scrolls up)
  • All items on the ListView are small in height (eg, 5px in size) but match_parent for width.
  • You can start scrolling THROUGH items (but the listview must still be able to scroll over the window if there are too many items). When the user begins scrolling, it starts at item 0 and goes through them – while 'magnifying' the currently viewing item which increases its' height to ~20px to have more information visible. As the user scrolls through, it goes down in the list (or up). extra: if it is possible, is there a way to keep the currently selected item in the middle of the screen?
  • Have a view on the right hand side of the ListView which is just visible (~5-10%). This view contains child items that are connected to the currently viewing item.
  • Swiping left on one of the items while scrolling through them moves to the next view (as stated in the previous point)


Is there anything like this out in the store at all? I'm unable to find anything that can help me in terms of plugins, videos or any kind of tutorials.

Thanks in advance.

by remiX55 via /r/csharp

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