X-post from r/netduino, How to create a simple class to control a servo with a analog joystick. (Figured I would post here as well)

Hi, I'm having a hard time understanding how to write a class for the netduino. I've looked up a ton of examples regarding mostly C# .NET classes and objects but have not been able to connect the two pieces together, as they are mostly window form application examples. I know I don't have to write a class and even found some examples for exactly what I need, just having a hard time understanding and breaking it down to a really simple program. For example a Ping sensor class))) http://ift.tt/1OkUkHw] and the servo class http://ift.tt/1OkUm20] I figure a good learning strategy would be to write a class that has a joystick control a one servo (eg. Joystick left, servo goes left) The whole goal here is just learn how to create classes as most of netduino programs have been mainly class-free. Any suggestions or references someone could offer would be great. Thanks,

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