What am I missing out on as a (Mac-based) C# programmer who uses vim instead of Visual Studio?

I use C# for Unity3D and command-line program programming on OS X. I use vim with the OmniSharp plugin — which provides things like semantic autocompletion, find usages, goto declaration, and type inspection.

I'm reasonably happy with the setup, but I'm guessing I'm missing out on a lot of VS features, since everyone raves about how great VS is. (And I believe it — I've used IntelliJ IDEs in the past and love them, so I know how wonderful a good IDE can be.)

Anyhow: can you tell me the top VS features for C# coding that you think or suspect I'm probably missing out on as a vim user? (What's the point of this question? Switching to PC which would be necessary to use VS isn't an option for me, unfortunately, but I hope I can approximate some of the features I'm missing via vim plugins, or even checking out Xamarin Studio. I need to know what I'm missing first!)

by Ghopper21 via /r/csharp

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